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Wrangling and Visualizing Chord Usage in Billboard Hot 100 Chart Data (1958 - 1991)

[Analysis] [R] [Quarto] [music] [DataCamp] Sep. 2023

Music and Activism: Analyzing 'Fight the Power' in Social Justice Movements

[Analysis] [R] [Quarto] [Markdown] May 2023

Quantified Self: Spotify Playlist Data Analysis

[Tableau] [Spotify] Dec. 2020

Income by Demographics

[R] [Shiny] [Interactive] [App] Mar. 2022

Gun Violence in Data

[R] Mar. 2023

COVID-19 Checks

[D3.JS] [Interactive] Nov. 2022

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Web Design 18 Sep. 2020

DJ Lil' Sho' REMIX Second Edition

[GitHub] Apr. 2021

NYC Intersection of Subway and Citibike

[R] 18 Sep. 2017